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“Corning’s success stems from the Strategy and Capital Allocation Framework introduced in 2015. The Framework defines our leadership priorities from 2016 through 2019. We are focusing our portfolio and utilizing our financial strength to extend our leadership, drive our growth, and reward our shareholders.”
- Wendell P. Weeks, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Under the Framework, we target generating $26 to $30 billion in cash through 2019. We plan to return more than $12.5 billion to our shareholders through share repurchases and annual dividend increases of at least 10 percent. We’re also investing $10 billion to extend our leadership and deliver growth.

The Framework builds on a strong foundation that includes:

  • Technology leadership and a track record of life-changing innovations that attract an outstanding set of customers and partners;
  • Operating excellence that provides the lowest-cost position and allows us to consistently beat our competitors; and
  • Strong financial performance that lets us simultaneously invest in growth and reward our shareholders.

Our strong operating results and solid progress on value creation increase our confidence that we will deliver on the Framework goals. In fact, we think that the strategic and financial benefits of our Framework are becoming increasingly evident as we enter its third year.

Learn More About our Progress Against the Framework

Focused and Cohesive Portfolio

We are best-in-the-world in three core technologies, four manufacturing and engineering platforms, and five market-access platforms. We focus 80 percent of our resources on opportunities that use capabilities in at least two of these three categories.

Utilize Financial Strength

Our Capital Allocation Plan describes the sources and uses of the cash we plan to deploy through 2019. Our progress on all dimensions of the Framework is excellent.

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