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Helping to drive the trend toward cleaner, safer, more connected vehicles

Building on more than four decades of leadership in clean-air technologies, Corning continually develops new innovations for mobile emissions control, including gasoline particulate filters for gasoline engines. We are also enhancing vehicle exteriors and interiors with innovations in automotive glass that enable lightweight, damage-resistant windows and displays with the sophistication you’ve come to expect from your smartphone.

Extending Leadership and Innovating in Emissions Control

Corning serves all major car and truck manufacturers globally with ceramic substrates and filters, which are critical to helping vehicles meet ever-tightening emissions standards. We consistently win top-supplier awards and are the lowest-cost producer of light-duty substrates.

Our Environmental Technologies business has outperformed the competition in sales and profit growth for the past three years.

Hight Teen ROIC

To prepare for the even more stringent emissions standards taking effect in Europe and China, Corning is building a gasoline particulate filter business. We have won the majority of GPF platforms awarded to date.

Capturing Opportunities in Automotive Glass

Corning’s customer relationships and technological expertise have positioned us to capture a gorilla-sized opportunity in automotive glass for exteriors and interiors. Our experience and capabilities allow us to innovate at a lower cost and with a greater probability of success. Our formulations of Corning® Gorilla® Glass for Automotive Exteriors and Interiors offer clear benefits. They are lightweight, durable, and perfect for cutting-edge head-up displays or touch-sensitive interior consoles.


Automakers are choosing Gorilla Glass for better performance and a more connected car.


Extend leadership in our base Environmental Technologies business, build a $500M gasoline particulate filter business, and create an automotive glass business

Automotive leverages all of our best-in-the-world core technologies, and all of our manufacturing and engineering platforms.

Automative Platforms

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