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Innovating the next generations of thin, tough glass for mobile devices

By pioneering glass that is thin, lightweight, damage resistant, and responsive to touch, Corning has and continues to help transform the way people use their devices. Today, Corning® Gorilla® Glass is featured on more than 7 billion mobile devices worldwide. We continue innovating to enhance performance, deliver new features, enable new designs, and support new capabilities such as augmented reality and new device form factors.

Leading in Thin, Tough Glass and Entering New Categories

Corning Gorilla Glass is the cover glass of choice for the world's leading manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Our glass offers better drop protection than competitive glasses, exceptional scratch resistance, and stunning optical clarity. At more than 10-years tough, Gorilla Glass continues to evolve with each new product generation.

Billions of devices from leading manufacturers feature Gorilla Glass.  


Corning is leveraging its market position and capabilities to enter new markets and release new innovations, all while capturing more value per device. The fundamental properties of Gorilla Glass make it an ideal choice for mobile devices, including smartphones, laptops, and wearables. Corning also leverages its strong co-innovation model to work with leading device manufacturers to continue addressing consumer pain points and create new possibilities in mobile consumer electronics.

Developing markets around the world are another growth opportunity for Gorilla Glass.

Flagship devices continue to offer a second piece of Gorilla Glass on the back of the device, enabling capabilities such as wireless charging and high-speed performance to support the growth and adoption of 5G. Continued adoption of glass backs double the glass area that Corning sells per phone and supports new innovation opportunities.

As Corning continues to collaborate with industry-leading OEMs, we expect to leverage three key opportunities: continued market penetration of existing innovations, more innovations – including Amplify Accessories and DX+ for handheld devices – and more platforms including augmented reality and new device form factors.

Better Drop Protection
Industry Profits

Corning sets the standard for tough, thin cover glass in mobile consumer electronics

2020-2023 Objective:

Continue on the path to doubling sales to the mobile consumer electronics market.

Gorilla Glass leverages multiple areas across our strategy framework, and we are repurposing our mobile consumer electronics platform to enter new categories.

Mobile Consumer Electronics Platforms

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