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Transforming the way the world connects

Since ushering in the telecommunications revolution with the invention of low-loss optical fiber in 1970, Corning has been continually innovating to increase the speed and capacity of optical networks, while reducing installation costs. Today, we are delivering solutions for growing segments such as fiber to the home, 4G/5G densification, wireless technology, and hyperscale data centers.

Providing Advantaged Solutions and Capturing Growth

Optical Communications is the most fully evolved example of Corning’s focused and cohesive portfolio, utilizing all three of our Core Technologies and all four of our Manufacturing and Engineering Platforms.

Corning is the world leader in passive optical communications and the only true end-to-end supplier of integrated optical solutions. As the largest fiber producer with the lowest-cost manufacturing platform, we have established deep, trust-based relationships with global industry leaders.

Leading Share

Corning is an industry leader, growing sales and profits in its Optical Communications segment faster than competitors.

Capturing Market Growth and Delivering Industry-Leading Innovations

Because of our unique capabilities and co-innovation model, we are growing, and will continue to grow, faster than the passive optical market. Our unique co-innovation with industry leaders delivers integrated solutions that create value by reducing installation costs and accelerating network deployment. As we co-innovate with our customers, we are able to better understand and outline the fiber needs and connectivity requirements for their next-generation networks.

Key industry growth drivers include:

  • Increased demand for bandwidth
  • 5G densification
  • Data center densification

To capture these opportunities, we are continuing to invest in key capacity expansions, deliver new industry-leading products, and strategically acquire related businesses to extend market reach and access to global customers and support manufacturing capabilities.

Growing Sales

Corning is growing at more than twice the rate of the passive optical communications market.

2020-2023 OBJECTIVE:

~2X passive optical communications market growth.

Optical Communications is the most fully-evolved example of our strategy in action. It leverages all of our core technologies, as well as all of our manufacturing and engineering platforms.

Automative Platforms

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