Corning applies its differentiated and distinctive capabilities to invent and make category-defining, highly engineered products, drive profitable and durable growth, and create long-term value

Current Leadership Priorities


Capture $3B+ Sales Opportunity

  • $3B+ sales opportunity in mid-term as markets normalize
  • Minimal investment required to capture opportunity because required capacity and capabilities already in place

Deliver Strong Operating Leverage

  • Costs to service $3B+ sales already reflected in financials, providing for outstanding incremental profit and cash flow
  • Management processes and tools in place to maximize results

Extend Leadership in our Markets

  • “More Corning” content opportunities from innovation with customers enhance their products and increase Corning value capture
  • Significant secular trends require Corning’s leadership capabilities, supporting sustainable long-term growth

Reward Shareholders

  • Incremental profit and cash flow created by increasing sales with minimal investment support dividends and opportunistic share buybacks

Foundation of Long-Term Success

Distinctive Capabilities

Clear leadership in three core technologies and four proprietary manufacturing and engineering platforms that are vital to solve a broad range of significant challenges and shaping new industries.

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Strong Financial Discipline

Corning’s priorities for capital allocation are to invest in profitable organic growth, extend leadership in distinctive capabilities, and reward shareholders. Return on invested capital increases through the reuse and repurposing of assets, secure customer commitments and high ROIC projects.

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Consistent Stakeholder Commitment

The company maintains positive, symbiotic relationships with its people, partners, communities, investors, society including future stakeholders. Corning is deeply committed to its own sustainability journey and to inventions that help the world advance sustainability. Our history of impact speaks for itself.

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Corning's clear set of Corporate Values guides our strong commitment to governance.

Learn more about how we are governed by an experienced and engaged board of directors and how we tie executive compensation strongly to financial performance.

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