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“The core of what we do is invent, make, and sell. We create value by inventing category-defining products, developing scalable manufacturing platforms, and building strong, trust-based relationships with customers who are leaders in their industries.”
- Wendell P. Weeks, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Today, Corning is best in the world in three core technologies, four manufacturing and engineering platforms, and five market-access platforms. Our probability of success increases as we apply more of our world-class capabilities. Our cost of innovation declines as we reapply talent and repurpose our existing assets.

By combining the capabilities in our Framework, we create higher and more sustainable competitive barriers – and delight our customers.

Consequently, we focus 80% of our resources on opportunities that use existing capabilities from at least two of the three areas in our focused portfolio. Few competitors can match our expertise in any one of our core capabilities. When we combine them, we become truly formidable. We define cohesion as the ability to capture multiple synergies between our capabilities and reapply them to multiple market-access platforms. Across those platforms, we:

  • Apply our unique capabilities, market experience, and customer insights to create disruptive innovations;
  • Become the industry leader by delivering products with superior performance and the lowest-cost position; and
  • Continue to leverage our expertise and our deep customer relationships to capture new opportunities for disruptive innovation.

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